I was born in Los Angeles in 1982 from parents John and Marta. I have one younger sister named Amanda. Finished Technology College in the state and started creating art at age 20. I have been developing various types of digital arts for 2 decades now. In the past I traveled the world for inspiration until I have realized that the ultimate inspiration is within myself. However, a person must see in order to imagine. That’s why I still take a closer look at ordinary objects, futuristic designs and so much more so I can provide a better type of digital art.

I must say, the digital trend is so1mehting that is changing as we speak. All of us must advance on a regular basis in order to get the chance to create a digital footprint. Anyway, check my work for more details.

Up to the sky 2002

Advanced art that resembles Star Wars and futuristic world that will happen at some point on the planet Earth.


Skyscraper fog 2005

Check out a new city that is located in an alternative reality and see all the details that surround it. Fog makes it look like it is above the clouds.


Star and sun 2010

A woman, a city and world without sadness. The art represents so much more and so many details are implemented so I cannot explain it with words.


Prison for demons 2011

It is another day on the planet made to be one massive prison. See who lives here.


Robotic arms 2012

How people can make their bodies completely different, stronger and better. All of that is present in one superior graphics.


Sky-high 2014

The space race, space treasure, and space love. This is just a small glimpse of the actual story behind ‘’scenes’’.




2007- Art tech- Moho art prize

2008- All the up sky- ISA

2010- Casa De France- Astrid Lingdren Memorial

2011- Digi World- Lumen Prize

2012- Honest lives- GTAAR

2014-Live of the Jobe- National Digital Award

2015- Joana’s airplane- CGTrader

2016- Space Quest- Lumen prize


I get


My inspiration comes from my heart. I am able to look deep down and to see the amazing life that is one of a kind, loaded with all sorts of elements from this planet and others. You, people, who support me are the best, additional inspiration I have and I am proud to reveal. My inspiration will last for decades, at least.

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Use GPS Tracker For Missing Mobile

And it happened what you were most scared of. You’ve lost your cell phone. You are seeing worst nightmare. Get calm; there’s no reason to worry. Fortunately, until it has lost permanently, you have choices available and you can find it easily.

It’s simple and not that you have to hire private investigator or keep sniffer dogs. If you have an Android or an iOS, tracking software is available that monitors the location of your smartphone, and it’s pretty accurate.

Via GPS, the magic takes place. This network comprises thousands of Earth-circling satellites. They relay the data between point, enabling you to track your smartphone’s location anywhere on this planet accurately. The best in this line is which own private satellites to track your mobile location with pin point details.

Here is the strategies and tips for tracking your missing cell phone. If you are not getting where you have left the phone, give them a shot. You might get shocked at the result.

Using Google Maps, Find My Mobile

For someone who’s misplaced their Android phone, this approach works well. Use the account which is registered to your missing phone to log into your Google account. On the left side of your screen, press the three-horizontal bar button. Click on ‘Your timeline’ choice when the directory opens.

Enter the date for today, & Google will be opening its map app. Map indicates the location of your computer for the whole day. Everywhere you check, this data contains the route you had taken to reach there. This will give the information about last recorded location.

Try to install the tracking application before it go missing this will give an better result but in case you have not then nothing worry. Go to Play Store & download the application “Find my computer.” Prior to such emergency, mount this on your mobile.

You have the option on your home screen that is used for calling your computer, wipe data, lock device, & offer message or reward. Pick the call option if you feel that you’ve missed it at home this option will make it ring. Google overrides the feature if your computer is in mute mode, and you’ll hear phone ring.

With Apple, Find My iPhone

Similar service is offered by Apple. “Log in to that iCloud, log in to your settings & pick the option “Find My iPhone. The system conducts its tests and offers you choices close to those shown by Android system.

Clean your screen, give ring to your cell phone, or just lock it remotely. These will automatically questions you whether you need to find other devices use another Apple device from your network to track that phone. This choice is handy feature to locate missing devices for your child.


Why to Wear Thai Amulets

Luck is something where everyone will not be gifted with. Do you believe in luck? If so, are you lucky enough in your life? Do you believe in amulets? Have you ever wondered why Thai people wear good luck amulets? will they really brings you fortune or its just over credulity? Below information may clear all your suspicions.

More than $1.35 billion worth Thai amulets are sold in Thailand its not shocking when 8 of 10 people wear good luck amulets. There are even some amulets that are considered to most powerful among all they are prayed from venerated monks. Here the problem is at many places its mass produced and some unscrupulous temples just pass the fake amulets as valuable amulets to some tourists.

In Thailand good luck amulets are available everywhere just that you should learn to make that difference between fake and real. Amulets will be sold at wobbly stalls, stuffy old shops and rickety stands. These will come in the format of pendants, rings, medallions many more. Amulets comes in various size like small finger size, thumb finger size, palm size. They are made by various materials such as base metals, plastic, ceramic, silver, jade, gold. These amulets will be prayed by monks for power.

These amulets have one thing in common its stylized depictions of venerated monks or Buddha. So these feature give then good luck and magical power. The counties which have amulets market they are estimated an annual sale of forty billion baht.

Palming off the useless fake amulets to unaware customers has become usual scam in few Buddhist temples. Their targets will be Chinese tourist who will be coming to Thailand in flock. They will sell some fake amulets as a valuable antique. It always wise to know about sellers instead of buying fake amulets.

If they are genuine then their price will be based on demand, supply and its presumed potency. Phra Somdej is highly prized amulet which Jitti has. It is claimed by some that these amulets are made by cremated monks, from their hairs, jasmine petals as these are commonly used for votive offerings. Ultimately amulets sell for how much someone is just ready to pay.

Chicken Amulets available at are the kind of amulets these are specially valued as they bring health, wealth, karmic merit, social progress and good fortune to owners. They are even assumed to be protected from physical harms, like road accidents. There are proof which shows that people who are wearing these amulets are saved from accidents and even it saves you from bullets and knives.

That the reason Thais a greater number of amulets more the amulets more the fortune. Kob Ladkrabang is such hoarder, according to count he has more than 10000 amulets. Still he will be keep coming to amulets market to acquire a greater number of amulets. When ever he is going out, he will always wear at least 100 of those amulets. He will never leave home without them; he wears this chain on his neck and it dangle as clunky cascades.

Singapore – Perfect Destination for Unlimited Fun

Singapore travel, it can be an ultimate holiday destination for the people who love unlimited fun and entertainment. So, Singapore and Southeast Asia have taken the crown of ultimate and affordable holiday destination. The list of things to explore will never end in Singapore as it is an Ultra-modern and trendy destination with the plentiful attractions and beautiful locations.

Star attraction of the Singapore is the wonderful Sentosa Island. This Island resort with many attractions and conscientiously planned activities which will be suitable for all ages. And it is the landmark of essence of place and Singapore tourism. I won’t be surprising why the tourists visit here in the number of millions and millions, let their head down in the resort of this beach. The people who love to have Adventure trips will be feeling like a home with the large barrage of amazing adventure actions and sports, and the likes are going to be taken place here. Ifly, the largest and huge tunnel across the world to be experiencing a power of flight for vertical skydiving.

The Water-sports SeaBreeze is a fun spot where one can get involved in activities such as banana boat ride, wakeboarding, and kayaking. Kids can be indulged in wonderful Skyline Luge where a downward ride can reward them to a wonderful and fascinating observation of Sentosa’s Skyline and Singapore. Adults can be hanged up on some challenging sports in the pubs and resorts. They can have fun playing at, golf course, mental challenges, and much more.

Take a trip through the Hollywood theme park, and Universal Studios Theme Park where you can have an amazing experience of rides, purchase merchandise and have a look on charming characters of your fascinated TV shows and Movies.

Southeast Asia is popular for its method of cooking, many times a gastronomical multitude of flavours prejudiced by various colonists whoever came here a hundred years ago.  There are many Restro bars if you wish to have a delicious meal to take pleasure in seaside breeze. However, the varieties of local foods openly served by vendors which are having an identity and team of their own. A person who is foodie doesn’t miss to visit the place once in his lifetime.

Night safari of the Singapore will offer you a chance to be witnessed a wandering of wild animals in their habitat naturally but only the time of evening or night and this will be famed as first such safari to see in the world. In order to make tourists able to see the animals without disturbing them, special cares have been taken to remake the natural environment and surroundings here for every creature.

Add up some of your memories of Singapore tour and keep remembering this amazing and mesmerizing experience.

Malaysia Travel Tips

Malaysia is one of the most diverse countries with a population comprising various races, ethnicity and cultures. Malaysia is an easy place to travel to even for first-timers. Malaysia is undoubtedly one of the best places to holiday. But, like any country, it pays to know a few things before jetting off. Check out these Malaysia travel tips that will make your vacation one to remember.

About What To Pack:
Malaysia is located near the equator line and enjoys tropical climate. It is hot and humid for most of the year, although the highlands like Genting and Cameroon are cooler. So, there is no need of wearing woolens. It is better to take light weight clothes like cottons and clothes that are loose-fit. Choose some light color clothes and don’t go for black color as the climate is hot, black color will absorb the heat.

Malaysian Transportation:
The transportation is good and still expanding to outer parts of city. Taxis, buses and trains can be used to get from one place to another. If you’re in Kuala Lumpur, KL Central Station is your main point of departure as it links the city to many other provinces.

Malaysian Food:
In Malaysia you will get almost all cuisines and it is sure you will enjoy those cuisines. Like many Southeast Asian countries, street food is hugely popular because it’s cheap and delicious. You will find street foods almost anywhere, but the best place to have is Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Rojak (fruit and vegetable salad), apom balik (stuffed pancake) and koay chiap (duck and noodle soup) are some popular street foods.

Best Places To Visit In Malaysia:
When you visit Malaysia, the first place you love to visit is Kuala Lumpur, capital of country. The best places to visit in Malaysia are Rawa Island, Penang, Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru etc. is another popular destination to spend your leisure time in the country where you will enjoy playing awe-inspiring betting games.

Best Things To Do In Malaysia:
When you visit Malaysia, Legoland, George Town and the beaches are given first preference to visit. Once you visit these places, you can move to other places. It is necessary to explore the wonderful Jalan Alor where you will find delicious foods everywhere. It is better to visit this place especially evening. Don’t miss a visit to Malacca and this is the place where you can explore the architecture and admire the red lacquer buildings.

Tourist Places in Malaysia

Tourist attractions in Malaysia are many considering this exotic and beautiful country has so much to offer. Whether it is about discovering the scenic beauty of its various islands or exploring vibrant attractions of its cities, Malaysia knows how to truly impress and enchant even the most discerning of travelers. There is an astounding range of Malaysia tourist attractions ranging from the enigmatic city of Kuala Lumpur to the colonial hill stations of Cameron Highlands and Genting. Then, how can one forget the many exotic beaches, tropical rainforests and national parks? There is so much to see and explore that at times it can be baffling on what attractions to pick and choose.

Kuala Lumpur: This is a global and a cosmopolitan city that combines a little of both the old and the new. It is enchanting, vibrant, colorful and offers a rich amalgamation of modern-day attractions and rich cultural heritage. People mainly comes to this place to enjoy the nightlife and play champion188. Kuala Lumpur is located at the confluence of Sugai Klang and Sungai Gombak and hence it derived its name, which means muddy confluence.

Kelantan: This place is a major tourist attraction in Malaysia, which in literal sense means ‘Land of Lighting’ and is primarily known for its fishing villages, expansive green paddy fields and beaches. Situated in the North Eastern part of the peninsula, this region still retains its traditional charm and beauty and allows tourists to enjoy river cruises, bird watching, jungle trekking and river rafting.

Malacca: This is a quaint and a charming seaside city that is located on the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia. This place retains its colonial heritage and is one of the most amazing sites to catch a glimpse of Portuguese architecture. The Chinese influence is also extremely strong in this area and somehow the local Malay culture and Chinese have intertwined to create a unique labyrinth of different cultures.

Negeri Sembilian: This place literally translates to ‘Nine States’ and it known so due to the federation of nine states. It has a 48 km long coastline and the beaches offer some of the most spectacular views.

Penang: Penang means Island of Betel Nut and is one of the most sought after Malaysia tourist place due to its extraordinary scenic beauty. It is also known as the ‘Pearl of Orient’ and it allures tourists with its golden beaches, verdant greenery and excellent cuisine.

Perlis: This is the smallest state in Malaysia and is primarily known for its rustic and unparallel scenic vistas. The verdant green paddy fields and beautiful lakes paint a picture perfect setting.

Sarawak: This is the largest state of Malaysia and is extremely well known for the hornbill, orangutan and fabled white rajahs. It is situated on the northwestern shore of Island of Borneo and is the perfect tourist place in Malaysia for those looking for adventure and nature tourism. This is one of the best places for Malaysia tourist attractions as it offers a combination of fun, adventure and excitement.

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