Bio: I was born in Los Angeles in 1982 from parents John and Marta. I have one younger sister names, Amanda. Finished Technology College in the state and started creating art at age 20. I have been developing various types of digital arts for 2 decades now. In the past I traveled the world for inspiration until I have realized that the ultimate inspiration is within myself. However, a person must see in order to imagine. That’s why I still take a closer look at ordinary objects, futuristic designs and so much more so I can provide a better type of digital art.

I must say, the digital trend is so1mehting that is changing as we speak. All of us must advance on a regular basis in order to get the chance to create a digital footprint. Anyway, check my work for more details.



Victor Smith is born.


Made first photography


Made digital art project


Started professional digital art business in the United States


Expanded the business across the planet


Became the first digital art artist in the country