My inspiration

It is difficult to say where my inspiration comes from. All I know that deep into my heart and my inner life I have a small star that lights up each time I start to work or better said to create.

It starts as an all-new idea every single time and I am able to reflect that emotion into the art I create. Take a look at my previous work and you will get a better idea of what I can do.

There is art you will love the first time you see it, just because you have the same emotion as I did.


However, a man must have more than just one inspiration in order to work as long as possible. My second inspiration is my family. They have been with me and they supported me to the maximum as long as I recall. All I am is a small part of what my family is.


The last part of my inspiration is traveling. I can see amazing creations, buildings, graphics and so much more which I can use as the background for my art. All artists use this, so don’t be fooled. Anyway, thanks for reading about my inspiration and thank you for visiting my page. Have fun.