Malaysia Travel Tips

Malaysia Travel Tips

Malaysia is one of the most diverse countries with a population comprising various races, ethnicity and cultures. Malaysia is an easy place to travel to even for first-timers. Malaysia is undoubtedly one of the best places to holiday. But, like any country, it pays to know a few things before jetting off. Check out these Malaysia travel tips that will make your vacation one to remember.

About What To Pack:
Malaysia is located near the equator line and enjoys tropical climate. It is hot and humid for most of the year, although the highlands like Genting and Cameroon are cooler. So, there is no need of wearing woolens. It is better to take light weight clothes like cottons and clothes that are loose-fit. Choose some light color clothes and don’t go for black color as the climate is hot, black color will absorb the heat.

Malaysian Transportation:
The transportation is good and still expanding to outer parts of city. Taxis, buses and trains can be used to get from one place to another. If you’re in Kuala Lumpur, KL Central Station is your main point of departure as it links the city to many other provinces.

Malaysian Food:
In Malaysia you will get almost all cuisines and it is sure you will enjoy those cuisines. Like many Southeast Asian countries, street food is hugely popular because it’s cheap and delicious. You will find street foods almost anywhere, but the best place to have is Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Rojak (fruit and vegetable salad), apom balik (stuffed pancake) and koay chiap (duck and noodle soup) are some popular street foods.

Best Places To Visit In Malaysia:
When you visit Malaysia, the first place you love to visit is Kuala Lumpur, capital of country. The best places to visit in Malaysia are Rawa Island, Penang, Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru etc. is another popular destination to spend your leisure time in the country where you will enjoy playing awe-inspiring betting games.

Best Things To Do In Malaysia:
When you visit Malaysia, Legoland, George Town and the beaches are given first preference to visit. Once you visit these places, you can move to other places. It is necessary to explore the wonderful Jalan Alor where you will find delicious foods everywhere. It is better to visit this place especially evening. Don’t miss a visit to Malacca and this is the place where you can explore the architecture and admire the red lacquer buildings.

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