Tourist Places in Malaysia

Tourist Places in Malaysia

Tourist attractions in Malaysia are many considering this exotic and beautiful country has so much to offer. Whether it is about discovering the scenic beauty of its various islands or exploring vibrant attractions of its cities, Malaysia knows how to truly impress and enchant even the most discerning of travelers. There is an astounding range of Malaysia tourist attractions ranging from the enigmatic city of Kuala Lumpur to the colonial hill stations of Cameron Highlands and Genting. Then, how can one forget the many exotic beaches, tropical rainforests and national parks? There is so much to see and explore that at times it can be baffling on what attractions to pick and choose.

Kuala Lumpur: This is a global and a cosmopolitan city that combines a little of both the old and the new. It is enchanting, vibrant, colorful and offers a rich amalgamation of modern-day attractions and rich cultural heritage. People mainly comes to this place to enjoy the nightlife and play champion188. Kuala Lumpur is located at the confluence of Sugai Klang and Sungai Gombak and hence it derived its name, which means muddy confluence.

Kelantan: This place is a major tourist attraction in Malaysia, which in literal sense means ‘Land of Lighting’ and is primarily known for its fishing villages, expansive green paddy fields and beaches. Situated in the North Eastern part of the peninsula, this region still retains its traditional charm and beauty and allows tourists to enjoy river cruises, bird watching, jungle trekking and river rafting.

Malacca: This is a quaint and a charming seaside city that is located on the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia. This place retains its colonial heritage and is one of the most amazing sites to catch a glimpse of Portuguese architecture. The Chinese influence is also extremely strong in this area and somehow the local Malay culture and Chinese have intertwined to create a unique labyrinth of different cultures.

Negeri Sembilian: This place literally translates to ‘Nine States’ and it known so due to the federation of nine states. It has a 48 km long coastline and the beaches offer some of the most spectacular views.

Penang: Penang means Island of Betel Nut and is one of the most sought after Malaysia tourist place due to its extraordinary scenic beauty. It is also known as the ‘Pearl of Orient’ and it allures tourists with its golden beaches, verdant greenery and excellent cuisine.

Perlis: This is the smallest state in Malaysia and is primarily known for its rustic and unparallel scenic vistas. The verdant green paddy fields and beautiful lakes paint a picture perfect setting.

Sarawak: This is the largest state of Malaysia and is extremely well known for the hornbill, orangutan and fabled white rajahs. It is situated on the northwestern shore of Island of Borneo and is the perfect tourist place in Malaysia for those looking for adventure and nature tourism. This is one of the best places for Malaysia tourist attractions as it offers a combination of fun, adventure and excitement.

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