Use GPS Tracker For Missing Mobile

Use GPS Tracker For Missing Mobile

And it happened what you were most scared of. You’ve lost your cell phone. You are seeing worst nightmare. Get calm; there’s no reason to worry. Fortunately, until it has lost permanently, you have choices available and you can find it easily.

It’s simple and not that you have to hire private investigator or keep sniffer dogs. If you have an Android or an iOS, tracking software is available that monitors the location of your smartphone, and it’s pretty accurate.

Via GPS, the magic takes place. This network comprises thousands of Earth-circling satellites. They relay the data between point, enabling you to track your smartphone’s location anywhere on this planet accurately. The best in this line is which own private satellites to track your mobile location with pin point details.

Here is the strategies and tips for tracking your missing cell phone. If you are not getting where you have left the phone, give them a shot. You might get shocked at the result.

Using Google Maps, Find My Mobile

For someone who’s misplaced their Android phone, this approach works well. Use the account which is registered to your missing phone to log into your Google account. On the left side of your screen, press the three-horizontal bar button. Click on ‘Your timeline’ choice when the directory opens.

Enter the date for today, & Google will be opening its map app. Map indicates the location of your computer for the whole day. Everywhere you check, this data contains the route you had taken to reach there. This will give the information about last recorded location.

Try to install the tracking application before it go missing this will give an better result but in case you have not then nothing worry. Go to Play Store & download the application “Find my computer.” Prior to such emergency, mount this on your mobile.

You have the option on your home screen that is used for calling your computer, wipe data, lock device, & offer message or reward. Pick the call option if you feel that you’ve missed it at home this option will make it ring. Google overrides the feature if your computer is in mute mode, and you’ll hear phone ring.

With Apple, Find My iPhone

Similar service is offered by Apple. “Log in to that iCloud, log in to your settings & pick the option “Find My iPhone. The system conducts its tests and offers you choices close to those shown by Android system.

Clean your screen, give ring to your cell phone, or just lock it remotely. These will automatically questions you whether you need to find other devices use another Apple device from your network to track that phone. This choice is handy feature to locate missing devices for your child.


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